Sportsbooks That Welcome New Jersey Residents

Residents in the state of New Jersey looking to bet sports online are in luck, as there are several online sportsbooks around that accept players from the U.S, including New Jersey. Laws in the United States surrounding gambling online have been set in place to make it more difficult. But those pertain more to businesses and not individuals. In short, a federal law known as UIGEA may make it more difficult to make your first deposit with an offshore operator; however, this is because banks are not permitted to process these types of transactions. Call the cashier of the site and they will fix it in no time.

Here on this page, we inform you about online sports betting, and what some of the top-rated New Jersey sports betting sites can offer. If you’re looking to wager on the New York Football Giants, New York Jets, the Devils, bet on Rutgers football, Princeton basketball, or whichever team, there are online sportsbooks around that will have the betting lines that you are looking for. While it is important to understand the limitations of certain online sportsbooks, we will cover all of the trusted operators for sports in New Jersey.

Sports Betting Sites Accepting New Jersey Residents

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Regulated Online Sportsbooks In New Jersey

There are now operators licensed in the State of New Jersey where you can bet on sports via the internet. These casinos and racetracks are paired with a supplier who creates all of the betting lines for the venue. New Jersey built their sports betting industry based around the lounges and sportsbooks, but you can also participate with their mobile betting platforms.

However, with the state-run operations, you will come across some slight restrictions that can hinder your choices when entering a wager. To start, state laws prevent sportsbooks from accepting wagers from across state lines; therefore, anytime you travel or even cross the bridge into NY, you will not be able to submit a bet. You will still be able to check your account balance and review the lines but each operator will geofence your location which makes your options limited to in-state wagering only.

Even worse, local sportsbooks have to take into account all of the locals who are planning to wager on the home team. Betting on the Giants or Jets and Yankees or Mets is possible; however, the books will decrease the odds for the home-team wagers. They do this to keep their books balanced in hopes they do not have to pay out the majority of the people who chose to bet on the familiar name.

If you are a fan of college sports, we have some bad news for you. New Jersey sportsbooks will only allow you to wager on teams that are not located in the state as betting on in-state collegiate programs is against the regulations of the industry. Even if the event is being placed across the entire country, regulated sportsbooks in NJ will not offer betting lines.

Keep in mind that none of these restrictions apply for offshore sportsbooks. You will not find better wagering odds anywhere else than with the legitimate sites due to their low overhead costs. Also, there are no team restrictions as these sites will offering betting lines on teams from all around the world and on sporting events of all kinds. You can enter into these wagers from anywhere in the country or even out of the country too as the sites accept players from all around the world. In short, using the offshore sportsbooks featured below are more flexible and can provide you with better alternative.